Fears and hope among business owners as Brexit transition ends

Business owners across the country are waiting to see what the first day outside the customs union and single market holds for them.

While some are optimistic about the change in trading rules from New Year’s Day, others say it’s led them to regret their Brexit vote.

At Birmingham Wholesale Market, hundreds of crates of goods have been carted in and out before the sun is even up.

This place relies on a constant stream of lorries, with some traders sourcing up to 80% of their goods from the EU.

It’s been a tough year for Tahir Amin, who runs A1 Veg Ltd, a vegetable and fruit wholesaler.

Business is already down 70% at the hands of the pandemic – many of his clients are in the hard-hit catering industry.

Importing stock “will definitely be a little bit more expensive” he says, “because of customs, because of transport, because of many other reasons, it starts from tomorrow so we’ll see.”